Sets new ambitious timeline for UAE launch of the moon rover 2021

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Sets new ambitious timeline for the UAE launch of the moon rover

The UAE Space Center on Wednesday announced a more ambitious schedule to send its first rover to the moon. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center said it has partnered with the Japanese space company to send an unmanned spacecraft rover to the moon 2022 by 2022.

UAE launch of the moon rover
UAE launch of the moon rover

The “Rashid” rover, named after Dubai’s ruling family, will deploy to the moon using the Espace lunar lander. The company will also provide missions with wireless communications on the lunar surface.

The UAE’s National Journal reported that the rover would be launched into space aboard a SpaceX rocket from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The lunar mission is part of the UAE’s broader strategy to become a major player in space exploration. If the lunar mission is successful, the United Arab Emirates and Japan will only join the ranks of the United States, Russia, and China, which have placed a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

Already, an Emirati satellite is orbiting Mars to study the atmosphere of the Red Planet. The United Arab Emirates teamed up with Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to launch the probe, which orbiting Mars in February.

Rashid Rover hopes to study the lunar surface, the dynamics on the lunar surface, and how different surfaces interact with lunar particles. The 10 kilograms (22 pounds) rover will carry two high-resolution cameras, a microscopic camera, a thermal imaging camera, a probe, and other equipment.

Through scientific efforts such as the Emirates Lunar Mission, our mission is to keep the flag of the United Arab Emirates high and stay at the forefront of countries that contribute to scientific achievements, which will change the face of humanity. Mohammed Yusuf Hamad al-Shabani said. bin Rashid Space Center.

The space station oversees the country’s astronaut program, in which the first Emarati astronaut was sent to the International Space Station in 2019.

The UAE plans to develop the most advanced commercial satellite in the Middle East to produce high-resolution satellite imagery. He also set an ambitious goal of building a human colony on Mars by 2117.

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